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Enterprise litigation
(compensation of damages,shareholder lawsuit, stock price determination)

Financial statements are often used as evidence in enterprise litigations.

It is because that to calculate the amount of damage, the profit of the applicable project or contract needs to be calculated.

It was common to get advice from both lawyers and CPAs in such cases. However, not only the process is troublesome, most CPAs lack experience in litigation, thus have to struggle in preparing financial documents for legal purposes.

Our attorneys being CPAs at the same time, are able to analyze and prepare financial documents for strategic litigation uses.

Also, we have published the book 'To understand damage calculation from stories'. We are the pioneer in this field.

Moreover, shareholder lawsuit and stock price determination of course require knowledge in understanding and analyzing financial statements. These are also our field of expertise.

M&A (due diligence)

When a business to be acquired by M&A is determined, it is common to practice due diligence to invest the business to be acquired has no fetal financial issues.

An enterprise is an entity that is formed and administered as per corporate law in order to engage in business activities. It cannot be seen or touched. Hence one need to make sure there are no legal problems or troubles in contracts.

Also, most unlisted enterprises do not disclose financial statements. Thus, there is a need to create a balance sheet and to grasp the real management status.

A common practice is to employ a legal firm and an audit firm to execute legal and financial due diligence respectively. However, when 2 separate firms are in charge, there will be troubles in schedule arrangement and information management unification. The costs will likely be high.

Our office provides 'set service' for both legal and financial due diligence. We have practiced due diligence for many cases until today.

Other than due diligence, we have deep knowledge in building schemes and contracts.

Labour issues (labour dispute, provision maintenance)

To talk about corporate law, labour issue is a must.

The most frequently occurring and most important internal issue, is labour issue.

Our office gives labour advices to a number of enterprises, including listed enterprises. We also have experiences in gaining the most rights to enterprises during labour disputes.

Hence we have the expertise in not only preventing labour disputes, but also resolving them.

Overseas cases (cases in Asia, contracts in English)

Recently it has become a common practice for enterprises including start-ups to participate in overseas transactions. The internet has enables a borderless world, and IT enterprises can easily enter oversea businesses.

English has been established as the common language in international business.

Of course, contracts in English are needed.

Our office aims to adapt to this change in the business environment and to handle cases in English smoothly by encouraging all members in the office to pick up the English language.

Also, we have a strong network in South-east Asia starting from our partner VOVAN & ASSOCIES in Bangkok. We will be able to handle your cases in Asia.