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Welcome to L&A Legal Professional Corporation (LPC). Our L stands for Law and A stands for Accounting. The office comprises only professionals with both law and CPA qualifications.

Legal issues and financial issues often suffice in the process of corporate management.

A common practice is to seek advice from a legal advisor, a CPA or tax accountant. However, these professionals can only give advices in their own fields of practice. It sometimes takes enormous time and effort to gather a thorough view of a certain issue.

Moreover, in certain fields, both legal and accounting expertise are required.

Some typical examples are M&A and corporate restructuring. Many other enterprise litigations involve the use of financial statements for claiming compensation of damages.

In such fields, it often leads to unsatisfactory results, just to get advices from individual professionals and gather the information. Since knowledge from both sides cannot be discussed together.

To solve such issues, it is necessary for someone to have both legal and accounting expertise, and make use of knowledge from both fields to organically approach an issue.

L&A LPC was founded to make this possible.

Why we are chosen

The following are the 4 reasons we are chosen to be the advisor for enterprises of various industries, starting from listed enterprises, both within Japan and overseas.

1The office comprises of only Attorney & CPAs.

An attorney can be registered as a tax accountant without examination.
However, without passing the CAP examination, an attorney cannot be registered as a CPA.
It is said that there are about 100 people in Japan, who have passed both the Bar examination and the CPA examination.
This office comprises of professionals with both qualifications. That is why we can give intellectual advices in both legal and financial aspects.

2Auditing experiences for listed enterprises

All our attorney and CPAs have auditing experiences for listed enterprises. That is why we have knowledge in not only the financial structure but also the internal control and operations of listed enterprises. Also, we have deep understanding in IPO. We use these experiences and knowledges to support enterprises, from start-ups to listed enterprises.

3Quick response

Speed is always required in corporate management decision making. Precious business chances might be missed while waiting for the reply from legal and financial professionals. Our office tries to handle legal consultation and contract related issues within 24 hours.

4Overseas cases

Contracts in English and overseas transactions are unavoidable in business expansion. We aim to handle overseas cases smoothly by encouraging all members including the paralegals in office to pick up the English language.
Also, we have a strong network in South-east Asia through our partner VOVAN & ASSOCIES in Bangkok.